12 Days Of Equine Artists: Day 1

Starting off the “12 Days Of Equine Artists” (an equine art take on the 12 Days Of Christmas) is Mirelle Vegers from the Netherlands!  For the next 12 days, I will be sharing the stories of 12 of my favorite living artists. Let’s go!


Mirelle has always had the heart of a horse lover, from the days when she was a little girl dreaming of horses, to galloping through the woods, and now, when she spends hours in her studio painting her beloved equines. Using her brushes and paints, Mirelle expresses her own personal style and technique through her art, and horse owners across Europe have had the honor of commissioning her to paint their trusty steeds. Just last month, Mirelle had a 30 day painting challenge for the month of November, where she created one equine painting per day. This experiment was educational and insightful for Mirelle, and gave her followers and fans new paintings to be in awe over–every day! If you like to read my in depth article with Mirelle, with including a Q&A that details her art and technique, go here.






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