12 Days Of Equine Artists: Day 4


For the forth day of Christmas, we are going to meet Carolyn Sinclair! For the next 8 days, I will be featuring one artist per day for the “12 Days Of Equine Artists” (an equine art take on the traditional 12 Days Of Christmas). Enjoy the ride!

You can read about the previous artists here–Day 1, Day 2 And Day 3.


Big, bright and bold is one way to describe Carolyn Sinclair’s paintings. An expressive artist who can not only show the full scene, but also intricately includes minuscule details, colors and emotions that set her work apart from the rest. Although most her paintings are based on photography, her work is not confined to the restrictions of photos. Instead, she incorporates her own feelings, growth and creative imagination that is different for each any every painting.


Living in the beautiful lands of Alberta, Canada, Carolyn has experience in many different styles, and incorporates her knowledge of mediums and horses to create her realism and stylized paintings. This year, Carolyn had the wonderful opportunity to be the Performance Artist for Spruce Meadows Masters’ Canada 150 Exclusive Art Event. In the past, she has exhibited at the  Calgary Stampede in Calgary, Canada, and  is also a American Academy of Equine Art Juried Member. Follow along on Carolyn’s Facebook page for new updates, sneak peeks of new paintings, wise words and behind the scenes stories of her shows and exhibits.


“I have this strong aversion to fitting into any particular box….hence- “you never know what you’re going to get”!  my work is a reflection of my soul, and my soul seeks challenge, growth, discovery, and to be allowed to pursue the creative moment. “-Carolyn Sinclair



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