Alaskan Artist Maria Talasz’s Horses In Motion

This week, I am featuring Maria Talasz’s wonderful moving horse sculptures. Combining her love of horses and innovative art, Maria has created her business, Equilux, in Alaska where she creates unique and one of a kind equine sculptures. These are not just any normal kind of sculpture, however- the Articulated Horses can be changed to countless positions, expressions and movements. Crafted from the finest materials available, I was able to see her sculptures in person at the Longines Global Champions Tour in Miami this past April.


Before moving to Alaska, Maria lived in the Netherlands, constantly seeing nature and beauty in the countryside she called home. She would often study the animals on her farm, drawing and sketching them to build her skills as an artist while also learning to ride horses. Being in this environment only helped create the artist Maria was meant to be.


She decided to go to college for Architecture and Graphic Design as career fields, before pursuing her interest into 3D drawing and design. Working on many commissions build up her skills as well as her portfolio of work, bringing her many different kind of commissions, all leading back to nature of some sort. Now, Maria spends her time focused on her sculptures and perfecting each design. Maria Explains the process best in her own words:

Talasz_Opulent-Shores-Venice-Italy (1)

“The work is long, complicated and requires a lot of patience. Each part is designed and redesigned many times and much care is spent to the adjustments to create the desired movement. The materials are all natural, and the warmth of the wood and leather, and natural pigment paints that are used all add to the overall experience of the work.
Maria’s studio is located in the mountains of Eagle River in Alaska. Drawn by the wilderness and beauty of Alaska and the animals that are all around she moved her studio in 2001. Bears and Moose roam around the property and wildlife is close everywhere there are flowers that grow above your head. There is so much to celebrate, and one of the greatest places to be surrounded by as an artist.”

– Maria Talaz


Using wood as her chosen medium, Maria expresses the strength and power of the horse through her sculpture, while showing the soft kindness that each horse has through her detailed carvings. Each sculpture has a flair of uniqueness or abstractness, whether it being the coloring of the horse of the feeling of freedom they give off. 

Classic bedroom interior.
Classical bedroom interior. 3d render.

AOTH: Do you currently have a horse or ride yourself?

MT: I would love to but where we live in the mountains it is a bit difficult. For now I enjoy moose and bears around our house on the river. But I would love to have horses again and I am sure some time in the future that will become a reality again.

Anastasia-EquiluxMariaTalasz (1)

AOTH: Do you create any other moving animals?

 MT: I am working on the eagle and an alligator, both work in progress in oak. Melanie is a little jaguar, and hand modeled in polymer. The horses are by far the most detailed in their movement, but that level is not always necessary for the effect. I like change and breaking free from flat and static. The sharks can be pulled across a floor surface, and can make a swimming motion.

Follow your heart, but be realistic. The road is paved with the hope of success that may never materialize.

AOTH: What does the future look like for you?

MT: I look forward to living in Alaska with my husband and one by one creating all the horse sculptures I can imagine. There are a lot! I hope that the world can come together to solve the challenges we face and that art can thrive in a prosperous future.


AOTH: Who is your favorite artist and why?

MT: MJ Keenan, musician, for his incredible creativity and variety in music.

Get business skills, and develop a secondary trade you can always fall back on when life throws a curveball, or you need money to finance your projects. Keep the b.jpg

AOTH: Where can people find your art?

MT: You can find my art online and by appointment at my studio/gallery, and at a growing number of events across the country.


In 2017 I created a small corporation after 20 years of working as a self proprietor. I work mainly with contractors for specific 3D design for manufacturing of more complex sculptures, and on the business side for day to day accounting and legal etc. Together with Clint Reuter, VP, I develop graphics and other 2D and 3D concepts and new wearable art as part of the business. Consultants may help with making of patterns for sculpting in leather, and other materials knowledge and business advice. It is a very creative, agile small team, complemented by solid computer and CAM (computer aided modeling) machine power.

Click this link for more information about her sculptures and wall art.

Thank you for letting me feature your art, Maria! Looking forward to meeting you at a future show again. 


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  1. Excellent article AOTH! It gives real insight into the life and work of Maria Talasz.


    1. Shya Beth says:

      Thank you, so much, Nancy!


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