~Equine and Animal Portraiture by Jane Wills~

 ~Jane Wills~
Location: Teesdale, England, UK
Jane has painted animals all her life. There was always a special love for horses which have become the main focus of her work . After studying at Newcastle College of Art she spent 30 years living in Northern Scotland combining bringing up a family, painting and also breeding ponies . During this period she exhibited regularly and also built  up a reputation as an animal portrait painter . She can count amongst her clients, HRH The Duchess of Cornwall , William Hill , Perth Racecourse , the Injured Jockeys Fund and Greyhound Welfare and  numerous private clients .
 The beauty of the thoroughbred racehorse has always inspired Jane’s work. She is frequent visitor to Middleham moor racetrack to see the horses working. She can also be found exhibiting at a few racecourses in the UK and Scotland .
She is now based in Teesdale, England and is happy to speak to anyone interested in her work or to discuss a commission . 
Do you own any horses that you use as models for your work?
I own two pony mares, one of which is used for breeding and the other, my retired competition  pony aged 28.
Do you ride competitively? 
I no longer compete but used to do endurance riding and Le Trec (Le Trec is for the horse and rider to prove all aspects of skills needed when trail riding). I also breed  Exmoor ponies.
What is your favorite thing about the art that you do?
Although I don’t compete I particularly enjoy National Hunt racing for the bravery of the horses and jockeys.

Why did you chose to do paintings?
I enjoy painting horses, from sleek thoroughbreds to scruffy natives living free. I have painted  and drawn horses for as long as I can remember holding a pencil. I am never tired of capturing their spirit and beauty . I think so much can be  said in the expression of the eyes, they are my favorite feature to paint .
Do you work in any other mediums? 
I paint in oils , watercolors, graphite, pastel and mixed media

Do you have any upcoming events/shows coming up?
Mainly a commission based artist, but I do exhibit when time allows . I attend some racecourses and shows . My next event is the National Hunt Festival at Perth racecourse, Scotland in April.~
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I really like Jane Wills style and sketches! Thank you Jane for letting me show my readers your art!:)


See you all Tuesday~


Huh? What? Well, I will believe that when I see flying Shetlands !

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