~Art on Horseback by Sandra Beaulieu~


~Sandra  Beaulieu~

Location: Dover-Foxcroft, Maine, USA

Website:  http://beginthedance.com


Sandra Beaulieu grew up in Topsham, Maine, USA and now currently resides in  Dover-Foxcroft, Maine. At age seven, Beaulieu was first introduced to horses and has loved them ever since. Training at  Isaac Royal Academy of Classical Dressage she was 13 years old , Beaulieu has since competed in  Grand Prix levels and training numerous horses to Fourth Level dressage and above.

During High School, she studied Chinese calligraphy and after graduating created Equine Spirit Art. She began carving horses into  jewelry,   toy chests and later inspired by a family member to create a silver horse pendant.  Later on she would create her business SandraB. Designs.

Last year in 2014, Beaulieu started a very unique equine art process, “Art On Horseback”. “I began to create art on horseback, an idea I had over two years ago. I ride Rovandio by a large canvas, using dressage movements to help me land the right brushstrokes” she says.

Sandra Beautieu with Rovandio , owned by her mother-in-law

“I love to explore different avenues of art, working with different mediums, textures, and always trying to think outside the box”.

As well as being a horse trainer and equestrian artist, Beaulieu is also an actress–and so is her horses! She is represented by Portland Models & Talent in Portland, ME and has cast in a Taylor Swift music video and more.

canter up trail_med.jpg
Douwe and Sandra in their debut indie film “Essential Realism”

“Douwe and I debuted in our first indie film last September called Essential Realism directed by Alan Dillingham that will be finished in 2015. Douwe played the part of a magical unicorn and I was the Queen’s archer. This film involved cantering on trails and hills and Douwe also “talked” to the Queen since he was a magical unicorn of course! This year we are working on another indie film called Falcyyr directed by Ahura Diliiza. I am playing Artemis, Goddess of the Hunt and Douwe will be my special steed. “

“Douwe and Rovandio have both learned a variety of tricks that would be useful on a film set. They both talk like Mr. Ed, rear, stand on a pedestal, and perform the spanish walk (a special marching walk). Douwe is able to lay down on command from the ground or with me on his back. Douwe also gives kisses and rides bridleless. Rovandio is very reliable and also knows how to perform dressage movements like piaffe, halfpass (sideways movement), and flying changes”.

Here are a few photos of her “Art On Horseback” paintings:

Painting on Rovy piaffe

art on horseback


AOH 1 front leg signature_sml

AOH painting 1 full

Here are a few of her other painting that she has painted “normally”:)

Piaffe In-Hand

Doma Vaquera

French Braid


Andalusian Spirit

Begin the Dance in Gold

Be sure to go to her Art Gallery to see more!

Thanks Sandra for letting me feature your art and your very unique process!


Huh? What? Well, I will believe that when I see flying Shetlands !

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