Len Jagoda ~ Back Stretch Studio: Georgia, USA

Len Jagoda - Biography


~Len Jagoda~

American Academy of Equine Art Associate

Location: Waverly Hall, Georgia, USA

Site:  http://backstretchstudio.com

Len Jagoda is a horse enthusiast and sculptor/painter. He has bred, trained horses, competed on hunters/jumpers and has even owned a few racehorses. He also is an avid animal rescuer, saving many dogs, cats and even a goat and llama. After being in the military and spending 30 years in the business world, he has returned to the art scene and know enjoys painting and sculpting horses and other animals. Len Jagoda works in graphite, pastels and oils.

“As a full time artist, I undertake each project as serious business but with a passion and compassion for all animals. Underlying my portrayal of animals is my belief that all animals have real emotions and not just instincts. I want that belief to come through in my work.”

“Fundamentally my projects are either commission pieces or speculative works. I look beyond the original piece of art for its potential for residual income from prints and retain the print rights. When I undertake a commission the client is informed that I intend to have prints made from the original. This helps keep my prices for originals down and tends to increase the value of the original. Knowing that I intend to have prints made also lets clients know that I have an incentive to reach for a standard that is worth my investment in reproductions.”

Len Jagoda says that his goal is “not to present just a likeness but rather a piece that speaks to you – conveying more than just an image. Every piece of art should have the ability to move you – it should have an effect on your emotions. It may touch your heart, bring excitement, tell a story or draw a moment from your memory. Achieving this goal separates a meaningful work of art from just a picture.”

First Chukker by Len Jagoda Oil ~ 14" x 11"

First Chukker

 by Len Jagoda Pastel ~ 17" x 15"
Pongo by Len Jagoda Pastel ~ 17" x 15"
Cactus Ridge by Len Jagoda Pastel ~ 20" x 28"
Cactus Ridge
Cigar by Len Jagoda Pastel ~ 17" x 14.5"
Day Dreamer by Len Jagoda Pastel ~ 25" x 19.5"
Day Dreamer
Finding Daylight by Len Jagoda Oil ~ 24" x 18"
Finding Daylight
t by Len Jagoda Pastel ~ 12" x 16"
First Flight
Distorted Humor by Len Jagoda Pastel ~ 15" x 13 1/2"
Distorted Humor
Tizdejavu-IV by Len Jagoda Graphite ~ 12" x 16"
 by Len Jagoda Pastel ~ 22" x 28"
Stretch Run
Tiznow by Len Jagoda Pastel ~ 19" x 17"
Bluegrass Cat by Len Jagoda Pastel ~ 18" x 16"
Bluegrass Cat
Exchange Rate by Len Jagoda Pastel ~ 16" x 14"
Exchange Rate

Aiken by Len Jagoda Pastel ~ 21" x 30"

The “Stable Of Stars”

Johannesburg by Len Jagoda Giclee Print ~ 14" x 12"
Cigar by Len Jagoda Giclee Print ~ 14" x 12"
Rachel Alexandra by Len Jagoda Giclee Print ~ 14" x 12"
“Rachel Alexandra “
 by Len Jagoda Giclee Print ~ 14" x 12"
“Big Brown”

To find out more information about these paintings I have shown you here and to see his other works, click  here.


Thanks so much Len for letting me show my readers your fantastic work!


Huh? What? Well, I will believe that when I see flying Shetlands !

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