The Equine Art Of Arthur Braginsky

Horse1 by Arthur Braginsky

Arthur Braginsky

Currently lives and works in: Hungary 


Arthur Braginsky


In 1982, Arthur Braginsky graduated from Mukachevo  Art School in Ukraine. He has works in the Russian dramatic theater as a decorator since 1987.He now lives and works in Hungary. You can find is paintings in many international art venues, including Fine Art America. Braginsky has had over 30 art exhibits in Ukraine, Germany, Hungary, France, Russia, Austria, and Belgium.


Arthur Braginsky

Arthur Braginsky - The Horse 80x60, oil on canvas, 2008

Horse" Painting art prints and posters by Arthur Braginsky ...

Head Horse Poster By Arthur Braginsky. | Art By Equine | Pinterest

... Arthur Braginsky | Paintings & Prints, Animals, Birds, & Fish, Horses

Arthur Braginsky

Horse by Arthur Braginsky - Sample Gallery/Dealer Art Work - New Art ...

Horse Head Version Print by Arthur Braginsky

12 beaux tableaux arthur braginsky - Page 9

Артур Брагинский - Голова белой лошади ...

Horse Head 3 Painting

Hope you enjoyed seeing Arthur’s mythical looking paintings! Did you notice the feathers in the mane?


Huh? What? Well, I will believe that when I see flying Shetlands !

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