Equine Art Insider: Kelly Popoff, Sculptor & Horse Lover

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I have done some form of art most of my life. I really enjoy horses as a subject.This winter I experimented with bring horse to life in fabric. I got an idea and just rolled with it. I ride and I am a third generation horse rider and lover.-Kelly Popoff

Kelly Popoff

Location: Winchester, Ontario, Canada

Website: Facebook

Kelly has lived and worked with horses all her life. A pony clubber as a child, later competing in hunter/jumper, and in recent years competing in dressage has allowed her develop an appreciation for the beauty and movement of horses. Always sketching and painting, Kelly is a self-taught artist. Curious and experimenting with various mediums she has created realistic soft fabric sculptures. Using this medium she has captured the physical beauty and dynamic movement of horses. She shares her art on Facebook, and exhibits her art at local horse shows.

TFS: Do you ride and grow up with horses? 

KP: Have ridden and lived with horse all my life. Love their beauty and movement.

TFS: When did you first start creating art? Do you/your family have an artistic background?

KP:  My mom did some work with oil painting in her youth. I have always enjoyed painting and sculpture. I have sketched and painted as far back as early childhood

TFS: Can you tell us more about your sculptures? What are they made of?

KP: I usually start something from an inspiration. I just go all out, the sculptures started like that. Then I sew it together. The next step is the most time consuming. Stuffing it just right. Next it is hand sewn to create facial features, etc. Then it is primed and painted. Mane and tail applied last.
TFS: Do you take custom orders for your sculptures? Do you add any saddles/etc. to them? 

KP Yes, I take custom orders. I have not designed saddles/etc. but, they sure could have one if one wished. 

TFS: What type of material do you use to make your sculptures?

KP: I wanted to use a less popular medium for my sculptures. To get away from clay or other heavy mediums. I also wanted to challenge myself to create with a textile.

sculptures 074

TFS: I saw on Facebook that you also make equine-themed bags. Can you tell us about those?

KP: Yes, I started the bags about two years ago. A friend of mine loves purses so I decided to try my hand at it. Friends and family loved them, and they make great gifts that are special because it is handmade. The bags can be custom as well, and I do different sizes and styles.

TFS: Have you done any exhibits in the past, or are you planning on any in the future?

KP: I exhibit at local horse shows & FB. I will be at Dressage at the Park next week-end, in Nepean, Ontario. If you go to “Ottawa Area Dressage Group” they have all the details.

TFS: Are there any artists/people that inspire you with your art, or that you admire for something?
KP: I get inspiration from so many places, but I absolutely love Peggy Judy’s works.

TFS: Any wise words for other artists?

KP: Well, I’d have to say do what you love, and what pleases you.

Art natural collection

TFS: What are the ways you find most useful for promoting your sculpture?

KP: Social media is definitely a great way, amazingly immediate. The horse shows get me out to meet horse people.

TFS: Is there a medium that you have not worked in but would like to?

KP: Working in steel and other metals. Doing large works.

TFS: Is there something that you would like to sculpt but haven’t?

KP: There are lots of things. If I had to narrow it down I’d say abstract figures.

Thanks for coming on #equinearthour this past Sunday and allowing me to share your artwork with my followers, Kelly!

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