Stephanie Revennaugh: Mystical Movement In Sculpture


Take one look at Stephanie Revennaugh’s equine sculptures and the words that first come to my mind are “mystical movement”.  The invisible energy that radiates from the horse, seemingly mystical. It’s no wonder how her sought-after work has won awards, and has be featured as a trophy at prestigious horse shows.

Stephanie Revennaugh

Location: Livingston, Montana

Website, Facebook, Twitter


One of the things that Stephanie was determined to learn at a young age for her sculptural work was equine anatomy. She wold spend countless hours studying horses, from equines in books to her own pony and horses at a dressage barn that she managed. She developed a keen eye of the movement of horses, which she then applied to her own art.

When Stephanie decided she wanted to make art her career, she studied painting in Colorado, Arizona , Aix-en-Provence, France and at Scottsdale Artist’s School in Arizona. She currently resides in Montana, USA and has shown her art in various galleries in The West.


I model form because it is the most natural way for me to express an idea or feeling. I model the horse because its form has been imprinted into my consciousness through long hours of interaction, focused observation and drawing. While I am fascinated with the beauty and elegance of equine design, it is the sensitive spirit of the horse which invites exploration of more abstract deeper meanings. – stephanie Ravennaugh

TFS: Hello and welcome to #equinearthour, Stephanie! Wold you tell us a bit about yourself? 

SR: Hi! I am a sculptor and painter currently working in bronze and encaustic. My primary motif is the horse. I have been enamored with them since childhood.

TFS: How long have you been around horses? Did you always want a career with them?

SR:  I have been riding on and off since age 7. Have no idea how the love began as we didn’t own them. Although, it took me many years to return to art and horses I always knew this was my path.

TFS: When did you first start creating art? Do you/your family have an artistic background?
SR: Drawing horses was a natural expression of my fascination. No other horse or art lovers in my family.Seven years ago while managing a dressage barn I decided to pursue an art career. It has happened quickly!


TFS: What’s the most exciting thing about your lifestyle?

SR: The freedom to design my time around my interests. Art, horses, travel, home & my whippets.

TFS: What are the ways you find most useful for promoting your paintings?
SR: #1 Social Media #2 Showing up in person to events.  Collectors love to know the artist.



TFS: Which social media platforms work best for promoting your art? Any tips for gathering a following for aspiring artists? 

SR: Everyone is on Facebook & it’s good for targeted promotion. My favorite is Instagram. Artists – you need to know your target audience and their interests. What platform do they use? I love podcasts on marketing. Tons of information out there to help entrepreneurs, which artists are.
TFS: Where can people go to see your art? 

SR: I will be in LA at the Longines Masters Grand Slam Of Show Jumping Sept 29-Oct 2. January – March I work & show in Scottsdale, AZ:


TFS: Any advice for artists to get their equine art accepted into a gallery? 

SR: Do research. Find the right match for your style work. Talk to artists represented by the galleries you like.

TFS: Would you tell us more about your trophy and what it was like to meet Beezie Madden? 

SR: I loved meeting a woman who shines at the very top of her game. I admire world class women in any profession.

TFS: What was it like to have your art in the Sporting Art Auction? 

SR: The Sporting Art Auction is THE BEST collection of equine art I’ve seen. What an honor to show with the best! Keeneland is a gorgeous venue with gracious hosts. Looking forward to returning. Get there if you can!

TFS: What makes your sculptures unique from others? 
SR: Most frequent comments about my sculpture are the loose texture and feeling of movement which gives life. I am interested in mark making. Textures that record the process of creating.
Thanks for letting me interview you, Stephanie! Good luck at your future shows and events coming up soon!

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