The Flying Shetlands 4th Year Anniversary!

Four years ago today, The Flying Shetlands started out as single post about Joan Of Arc (who died on May 30th, 1431) with the goal of sharing information about equine art from around the world. Over the course of the last four years, The Flying Shetlands has flown above my expectations to have 500,000 visitors from 190 countries in the world! The only countries that have not visited are: Greenland, Central African Republic,  Cameroon, South Sudan and Somalia. Anyone know someone or of interesting horse art in/from these countries that would like to to follow Flying Shetlands? Pass it along, please!

The painting of that cute pony above is done by digital artist Steven Samuel and is of my pony, Lighting “Patchie”, a Shetland pony that is the inspiration behind “The Flying Shetlands. He’ll be 26 on June 3rd and still going strong!

Below are my top four posts that I have written on the TFS-which one is your favorite?

Note: Articles will now be once a week for the summer, due to being extremely busy with my own equine art career.


Screenshot of Happy Birthday, Norman Thelwell! – The Flying Shetlands.jpg

  1. Norman Thelwell

Yes, these fluffy, rolly-polly ponies take the carrot for most popular post this year! You can read the full post about Norman Thelwell here.


Screenshot of Christian Hook_ Painting The Essence of Time – The Flying Shetlands.jpg

2. Christian Hook

Of the world’s best known contemporary artists in the world, I had the honor of interviewing Christian Hook for an article, which where you can read here.


Screenshot of Mr. Ed_ A Horse, Of Course! – The Flying Shetlands.jpg

3. Mr. Ed

Discover the history behind everyone’s favorite talking horse, Mr. Ed, in a feature article here.


Screenshot of Horseshoe Art _ – The Flying Shetlands.jpg

4. Horseshoe Art

And the last article on this list is Horseshoe Art, which was the most popular post from 2014! Read it here.


Adeline Halvorson 

Art Of The Horse

Two years ago this fall, I acquired the Facebook Group, Equestrian Artists. Now, with a name change (Art Of The Horse) and a bit of time, it has grown from 2,000 members to 31,000+ members. Open to everyone, feel free to join, see and interact with the very best equine artists in the world. Join here.

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