Nita McLaren-Tan’s Graphite Drawings Sweep You Away Into The Horse World


34849809_1704929186267458_7017882755283288064_nOnly recently returning to equine art after a twenty-year hiatus,  Nita McLaren-Tan’s drawings draw you in and you can’t help but study every line that makes up her subjects. Over the past three years, Nita has spent hundreds of hours to increase her skill level to show the level of hard-earned talent that she has. Growing up, her father  was an American Air Force Pilot, moving across the country every few years, “so the chance of owning a horse was impossible”.


Nita McLaren-Tan

Location: Oklahoma



Once they settled down when her father retired, she owned several horses, with her last horse being sold before going to college. She has not owned a horse since, but uses her art skill to immortalize her equine friends.


Drawing all her life, Nita went to college for Graphic Design, only to decide seven years later that just wasn’t for her. “Although I love drawing all animals, horses have always been my favorite.” Moving away from all art for around twenty years, Nita picked up a pencil once again three years ago after being inspired by the horse art she saw online. Now she has returned to depicting horses and other animals, and continues on her path of portraying the horse in art.

Below is her winning piece for May 2018’s Banner Contest in Art Of The Horse!




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