~Painted Horse Sculptures for Benefit~


                                                                                         Ready, Set, Gallop! 

Back to Scotland we go again! Ready Set Gallop! is  the name of a project that has 30 life-sized fiber-glass  Clydesdale horses painted in all different ideas that will hopefully  boost the tourism in Hamilton, South Lanarkshire, Scotland.The sculptures, put in place in late June  will remain for 10 weeks, providing visitors to the town with a quirky and colorful tourist trail.The  Clydesdale horse  was chosen as the theme because of Hamilton’s location near the Clydesdale Valley.

The event was organised by the Hamilton Business Improvement District and Wild in Art, a company which organizes huge public art events~

Here are some  photos of these neat Clydesdale horses!


See just how BIG they are?



The horses in their studio~




The horses….with one of their artists!



Close up










Spruce Meadows “Horses Jump To Give A Leg Up”

Were: Foothills of Alberta Canada

Cause:  Different organisations

How long left: Approximately  2 Months, 1 week and 1 day (online auction, link below)

Spruce Meadows 2014 Charity Auction – About The Auction


Since the devastating flood of June 2013, Southern Alberta communities, businesses and non-profit organizations, are still fighting to recover from the severe financial, physical and emotional impact it had. The “Horses Jump to Give a Leg Up” program is designed to provide aid to those who are repeatedly helping others, and are now in need of help themselves – the non-profit organizations of Southern Alberta.

The concept behind this program is to increase the community’s awareness of these organizations, and the magnificent outreach programs they them selves deliver to Albertans. Twenty non-profit groups have been selected this spring to each  decorate a life-size fiber glass horse. Once completed, each horse figure will be displayed throughout the grounds of Spruce Meadows, and later sold to buyers via Silent Auction on the Spruce Meadows website. The proceeds of the sale of each horse  will go to the organization responsible for its decoration.

Below are some of the horses and the organisation that they benefit and the link  for the auction will be at the bottom of this post! Enjoy~



Aventa Treatment Foundation for Women
Aventa Treatment foundation for women Horse





Calgary Family Services
Calgary Family Services  horse
CanLearn Society for Persons with Learning Difficulties
Canlearn Society for persons with learning difficulties blue horse (I already put this horse in my
Blue, Blue And MORE Blue! Post)


Opening Gaits Therapeutic Riding Society of Calgary

Opening Gaits Therapeutic Riding Center Pegasus horse



Painted Horses(Mike Sturk photo)

The SHARP Foundation Penny Horse
Youth Central
Youth Central horse
Other horses for benefit from the past….

Painted Horse Statues – Vienna



I had no idea how many horse statues there really are! Here are some photos of these beautiful horses in Vienna  as tourist attractions ~


Painted horse in Vienna


Painted horse in Vienna
Painted horse in Vienna
OK…..A little bit odd!
Painted horse in Vienna
Painted horse in Vienna
Painted horse in Vienna
My Favorite!!!

Painted horse in Vienna

I love pink!


Painted horse in Vienna

The leg is really cool!
Painted horse in Vienna
Painted horse in Vienna
Painted horse in Vienna
Cool Zebra! I want one!
A couple  of the 55 “Horse Fever” horse statues in placed  Ocala, Fa 2011
Statue of a mosaic horse on West Main Street in Louisville, Kentucky
Hope you  all enjoyed today’s post! See you Friday!
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