Otto Eerelman ~Netherlands

Noriker Horse

I really like Otto Eerelman’s style, it makes me feel as if I’m really there! I never heard of some of the breeds that he painted ether. I learned a lot from this post, and I hope you do too~

Otto Eerelman~


Location: Groningen, Netherlands 

Medium: Paintings

Detailed self-portrait (1889)

Otto Eerelman was the son of Samuel Eerelman, sexton of the A-church , and Cornelisje Pluimpker. Otto Eerelman decided against the wishes of his parents to become an artist. He continued his studies in 1864 for a year at the Royal Academy in Antwerp  from 1865 an for some time studied  in the studio of Lawrence Alma-Tadema (one of the most wealthiest artists in his time).

After a short time in Paris Otto returned to his home town. Groningen, to work at the Minerva Academy. In 1874 he moved to Brussels to devote himself to painting.

In 1907 he returned to Groningen, where he lived for the rest of his life. During his life he was praised and respected for his excellent work and at the age of eighty, he was knighted and the town Groningen named  a street after him.

Otto Eerelman was so renowned that people who visited the Louvre asked “where are Eerelman’s paintings hung?” But, during the 20th century his work   not  appreciated and seemed to disappear. Now, in recent years,  Eerelmans paintings have started to gain hefty prices.

Here are some of his paintings~


Breton Horse
Russian Trotter
The Sandlewood Horse
Algerian Horse


another Noriker Horse


Russian Heavy Draft Horse


Study of Horses


American Racehorse


Turkish Horse



Nonius Horse


preparing the sleigh


study of a horse fair
Study of Horses


and yet another Noriker Horse


Otto Eerelman “Royal Horse Saddled” Silk Scarf Shawl


drawing of a donkey

Hope you enjoyed today’s post! If you would like to see a previous post that I included a few of Otto’s paintings in, you can HERE .


See you all next week~


Huh? What? Well, I will believe that when I see flying Shetlands !

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