~Artists Helping Horses Through Art~



Peter Max Reception poster
Peter Max Reception poster of “Saving America’s Horses: A Nation Betrayed”

For today’s article, here are artists who have donated or are donating some of their art work to help horses. I saw Equine Advocates 2015 Horse Summit, which gave me the idea to to this article. Hopefully, this will help the fight against horse abuse!

This Saturday (May 16th and Sunday May 17, 2015), there will be horse experts giving presentations at Equine Advocates 2015 invitation only audience Horse Summit. They will be discussing many horse abuse problems, as well as the PMU (pregnant mares’ urine). Some of the subjects they will be talking about are horse slaughter the transfer of PMU  production to China, alternatives to ERT/HRT drugs made from horse urine and wild horse and sporting horse issues.

The event will beheld at the Equine Advocates Rescue & Sanctuary  in Chatham, N.Y. Read more at their website.

Pop arts oil painting Peter max-horse,famous Oil wall art and craft ...
Painting of former New York City carriage horse, ” Bobby II Freedom” benefited Equine Advocates (http://www.equineadvocates.org) at a special auction and equine art show in May 2011.


Artist: Elizabeth Ellis                                                                                                                                                   Bonus was rescued from the kill buyer’s lot. Her mother had shipped and Bonus had no value, so she was left in a pet with no food or water. She was only 4 weeks old, and her nose was covered in terrible blisters from dehydration. When they tried to give her water, her suck reflex was gone. Spring Creek Horse Rescue took her back with them, where they expected her to die, but at least she could know a bit of kindness and love before she did, but she lived. The rescue was there to pick up 40 other horses, and #41 was a surprise, so they named her Bonus.

Elizabeth Ellis


“For the entire year of 2015, beginning in January, artist Elizabeth Ellis will paint an 8×10” watercolor portrait of one adoptable animal currently in a shelter every week. In January of 2016, there will be an exhibition of all 52 paintings at the Dreaming Tree Galleries in Grove City, Ohio. After the exhibition, all original paintings will be mailed, free of charge, to the shelter who still has the animal, or the family who has adopted the animal.”

You can read more about  Elizabeth Ellis’s “Year of 52 Rescues” on her website.

#8 Apple 2/20/2015 0 Comments Picture Apple is a three-year-old, 14.1 hand Mustang filly. She was rescued from a home with five other mustangs that were starving to death. Her mother, was nursing Apple and another foal while she herself was severely underweight. The other foal’s mother had died prior to the rescue arriving on the scene. Apple has been Freedom Hill Horse Rescue in Dunkirk, Maryland since she was a few months old. She is extremely playful, curious and confident. She has had over 30 days of professional training to get her started with basic ground work skills and the beginnings of under saddle work. She will require an experienced horse person who is familiar working with young horses to further her training.

I hope you all enjoyed seeing artists helping horses!


Huh? What? Well, I will believe that when I see flying Shetlands !

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