~Silvia Baumer ~ Minzoo Needle Felting, Spain~

Andalusian Horse

~Silvia Baumer “Minzoo Needle Felting”~ 

Site: https://minzooneedlefelting.wordpress.com   

Etsy Shop: https://www.etsy.com/shop/MinzooNeedleFelting

Location: Spain

Here is a bit about Silvia Baumer in her own words:

My name is Silvia, and I live in Spain, in a nice quiet little village next to the mountains. I’m very happy to live here, sorrounded by nature, source of my inspiration.

All kind of animals are suitable to be felted cause I love them all;  but may be my  dear horses are my favorites, but I  always do my best to improve with every piece I make.

I invite you to take part of all of my art, to share with me your favorite places and feelings, and to know a bit of my day to day while I introduce you my Needle Felting Friends; hope they will be your friends too.

Needle felting can be a craft, or can be another way to express art. It is very easy to differentiate. >Overrated prices not always mean anything.. I’m conscious that felted pieces are no cheap of course; a good piece, can takes more than 10 hours of a very hard work. But I don’t think they must to be as scandalous high as sometimes I saw.
-My next project: an Akhal-Teké horse. This is going to be really a hard challenge; it will be all covered with golden silk, using my own technique. 😉 Silvia  Baumer
golden horse felted
Where in Spain do you live?
I live now in center Spain, near Madrid city, but enough far from it to be safe!… in a small little village by the mountains, surrounded by cows, horses, the forest and a sweet quietness. I love to live here.


fresian gallop

Do you work in any other mediums? 
Yes I do model, oil and acrylic painting (I use to organize exhibitions years ago) info graphics, ceramics, paper clay sculptures big scale…

run wild horse

Do you own any horses or have you owned some in the past?
I’ve owned the most sweet heart mare in the world. She was my life. She had two beauty foals, as sweet as her mother was. Unfortunatelly, I’ve had to see her  pass away with melanoma. She was at home with us fro 12 years. There is no day from then, without her image and memories comes to my mind.


hafinger horse by minzoo

Do you ride horses? 
Yes. I ride horses since I was a teen, but it was just when I had my first daily job, when I went to a rinding school to learn well for years. I love most dressage. And the long lonely walks with my dear mare. Since she’s not here, I have never ride again, and I think I never will ride again.

~Gypsy Vanner~

Now available on Etsy too.

When did you first start felting and why? Have you always made horses?
I felt all kind of animals. No matter which ones. Horses are my favorites, just cause their anatomy lives inside me. I can model, draw or sculptur horses since I was 3 years old. Nobody taught me.. and I still wonder why? I’ve start with needle felting round nine years ago. I saw it on the internet and felt in love with it. To me is easy create a horse or whichever animal; they don’t need any armature inside, neither a picture to copy from; as my paintings, they come to me from inside…

gypsy vanner tack

What kind of wool do you use? 
I do use mostly autonomous UK sheep breeds from small farms so I can be sure that the  animals were handled well and they had a good care. Animal health and respect is for me essential. I couldn’t create an wool animal, knowing the “owner” of the wool has been damaged. I use pure silk for create amazing shiny tails and manes, vegetable flocks, and of course, the most valuable pieces are covered with merino #12 microns wool. The most soft and luxury wool of all. All of my pieces are wool, and nothing else. No clothes, cotton, armatures etc inside.. that’s for me very important.

~War Painted Pony~

indian horse felted


~Pinto Foal~

pinto foal

pinto foal felted


~The Vanner Chocolate Horse~

Available at my Etsy shop soon.


needle felting vanner horse



comission horse


~The Fjord Pony~

felted horse fjord pony by minzoo (1)

horse head fjord


Love these little jumpers!



flying horses


horses by minzoo

palomino horse felted


~Andalusian Horse~ 


caballo andaluz fieltro


~Blue Roan Apaloosa Stallion~

roan felted apaloosa


~Shire Horse~

Shire by Minzoo


Silvia also has made some paintings featuring horses  as well!

“The horse head “Potro” was a little work for fun from 2002 year. It is a pc mouse made by hand.”
“The “Dark”… well it is a big size oil painting.. just from 2003, when my mare and husband died.”
“The ·Jbela” is a very old mixed media watercolor; that is from round 1980 when I was living in north Africa, is a typical woman from the mountains there.”

I hope you all enjoyed seeing these wonderful felt creatures! Thanks Silvia for letting me share your lovely felting horses and ponies with my followers!


Huh? What? Well, I will believe that when I see flying Shetlands !

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  1. Thak you Shya for this lovely review… Best regards to you all!

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  2. eponashy says:

    I just adore your work, its stunning.


    1. shyapony says:

      She does do great work! Thanks for reading;)


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