Anna Hyatt Huntington: One Of America’s Most Prominent Woman Equine Sculptors




Youth Conquering the Wild at The Mariners Museum in Newport News, Virginia

Anna Hyatt Huntington

March 10, 1876– October 4, 1973 (aged 97)
Location: Born in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Died in Redding, Connecticut

Anna Hyatt Huntington, American sculptor, 1876-1973.jpg

Anna Hyatt Huntington

Anna Hyatt Huntington grew up in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA. Her  father, Alpheus Hyatt, was a professor of paleontology and zoology at Harvard University and MIT, which is thought to have helped bring about her early interest in animals and animal anatomy. Anna  first studied with Henry Hudson Kitson in Boston, who threw her out after she found faults in his equine anatomy. Later, she studied with Hermon Atkins MacNeil and Gutzon Borglum at the Art Students League of New York, NY. In addition to these studies she spent many hours doing extensive study of animals in various zoos and circuses. She was one of 250 sculptors who exhibited in the 3rd Sculpture International held at the Philadelphia Museum of Art in the summer of 1949.


Joan of Arc - Anna Vaughn Hyatt Huntington - Legion of Honor | Flickr ...
Close up of Anna Hyatt Huntington’s Joan Of Arc statue

In 1932, Huntington became the first woman artist to be elected to the American Academy of Arts and Letters.

Huntington and her husband, Archer Milton Huntington, founded Brookgreen Gardens (botanical /sculptural) near Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. She was a member of the National Academy of Design and the National Sculpture Society. The  Huntington’s enormous wealth enabled them to found fourteen museums and four wildlife preserves. They also gave Collis P. Huntington State Park, consisting of approximately 800 acres  of land in Redding, Connecticut, to the State of Connecticut.

Statue of Joan Of Arc at Ninety-third Street, Manhattan, NYC. Made by Anna Hyatt Huntingtion in 1915

The Metropolitan Museum of Art listed Huntington among the foremost woman sculptors in the United States to have undertake large, publicly commissioned works.

Anna Hyatt Huntington, works on a statue of Jose Marti (below)


Work Horse sculpture by Anna Huntington at the Brookgreen Gardens in South Carolina, USA
One of my favorite views
This statue can be seen at the Brookgreen Gardens in South Carolina, USA
Central Park
” José Martí” by Anna Hyatt Huntington in Central Park, New York City
“Fighting Stallions” by Anna Hyatt Huntington made in 1950, aluminum,. Entrance to Brookgreen Gardens in South Carolina , USA
Portadores de la Antorcha (“The Torch-bearers”), cast aluminum, Ciudad Universitaria, Madrid
Los Portadores de la Antorcha (“The Torch-bearers”), cast bronze, Habana, Cuba


Sybil Ludington, 1961, Lake Carmel, New York


El Cid
El Cid Campeador, bronze 1923, the central sculpture at the entrance to the Hispanic Society of America, New York City

anna hyatt huntington el cid campeador 1927 bronze 199 5

 (see ...

Don Quixote (aluminum), Brookgreen Gardens, South Carolina

I hope you enjoyed reading about one of America’s most prominent woman equine sculptors! I am planning on going into NYC to photograph more on her work. Look out for the future article!


Huh? What? Well, I will believe that when I see flying Shetlands !


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