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There are hundreds of children’s books out there, so I decided to show you these two books with a mission: Kay Kerr’s colorful book about the plight of the Sand Horse Beach Wild Horses, which educates its readers and these special horses and the story of Dinky, a nurse mare foal with a big heart. Both of these stories are insightful and should be on any horse lover’s book shelf! Below are exclusive Q&A’s with both authors who kindly supplied the photos and their answers to my questions.


Author: Kay Kerr

Kay’s website:

Where to buy:

Corolla’s Sand Horse Beach: Croatoan’s Memoirs won 1st place in the Paper Category of the Isle of Wight County Fair Art Show and book illustrations which are Acrylic Paintings won 1st, 2nd, 3rd and Honorable Mention.

Told from Croatoan’s point of view, he takes his readers on a beautiful tale as  he tells his life story about how he was taken from Sand Horse Beach to live in Smithfield, Virginia and introduces us to his friends at his new home. He then tells us about the history of his horses and their beach and their adventures! As the author says, “Are you willing to help save these horses from extinction?”

Author Kay Kerr

TFS: When did you start writing? Did you always want a career as an author?

KK: I began writing poetry in my free time after taking a creative class in college.  I had several poems published in two college book collections.
 As a child, I always wanted to write a children’s book  someday.  My teachers at a very young age wrote on my report cards/told my parents that I was very artistically talented!  I have always loved art and my first college degree was a BA in Art cum laude.
TFS: Have you or are you planning on writing any other books about horses besides Corolla’s Sand Horse Beach: Croatoan’s Memoirs?
KK: I’m already working on a second book about another Corolla  horse, but, the last book took 2 years to complete due to working full-time in a hospital.
TFS: How do you come up with your ideas for your book?
KK: My ideas for the books came from my love of horses, Steve Edward’s offsite Corolla breeding program, Corolla Wild Horse Fund efforts and the immediate need to save the Banker Colonial Spanish Mustangs of Corolla, NC from extinction.  They are already on the critically endangered breed list-development, vehicular traffic, healthy herd size/visitors not abiding by safety rules have become major issues.
If in the next 2 years, a famous wealthy individual does not purchase all land for sale in that beach area for a free roam sanctuary/safety rules are not enforced by law- these horses will disappear for future generations.
TFS: Have you visited the Sand Horse Beach?
KK: I have visited numerous times to see the wild horses during all seasons.  My favorite time to visit is in the off tourist seasons.
TFS: Any advice for other writers?
KK:  Children’s books tend to sell better than most books.  Marketing your book while it’s hot is very important.  Currently, books about environmental issues are popular with children/adults.  Getting back to a more simple life/enjoying nature make for better living.  Materialistic items do not make a person happy.  Laughter, outdoor beauty/animals make the best medicine for everyone.
Scan 22.jpeg
TFS: Can you tell us more about the Equine Therapy Program for PTSD veterans that you  initiated? How did that come about? 
KK: The nation is seeing more and more female/male veterans coming home with PTSD.  I knew in my heart that our veterans would have a special bond with these mustangs.  A bald eagle flying and a wild mustang are both symbols of our American Freedom!  I wanted an Equine Therapy Program that was different from most, educational, challenging, exciting/relaxing all in one.  We have a groundwork program with grooming/bonding.  Vets learn to touch/be affectionate again as most stayed to themselves.  In the rounding, vets learn to trust, show /feel emotions mirrored by the horse, improve concentration (some have Traumatic Brain Injuries)/self control, decrease hypervigilience(horses hook up from behind), improve vocal, hand/body language, learn to relax/calm self.  PTSD vets struggle with poor sleep due to nightmares/ often after working with the horses they sleep on the ride back to the hospital!  We use different horses each week which have different temperaments/this experience helps vets to learn how to deal with people to get active again in society rather than isolate.  My coworker, Dr. Kathleen Decker, and I came up with written modules/classroom exercises that deal with PTSD/Equine Therapy so vets would better understand the benefits of their actions in the group.  Upon graduation from the hospital program they can reflect back on the written info in their notebooks.
TFS: Can you tell us more about your work as an artist?
KK: I have taught Acrylic Painting classes for 35 years.  I have been blessed to be able to share something I love with others to help improve their lives.  I have won awards in Photography, Acrylic Painting, Book Illustrations/Book Award.  Through the years, my students have won local/national art awards.
 TFS: Are there any artists/people that inspire you with your art/books, or that you admire for something? 
KK: My favorite musician is Elton John.  Growing up I loved the author CS Lewis.  My favorite artists were the French Impressionists, especially Monet!
Scan 13
TFS: Any wise words for other artists? 
KK: Words for other artists:  Give it all you got!  Someone will always love your artwork.  Art jurors don’t always pick what is best in shows, but, what they like.  Don’t get discouraged by this.  Be passionate about what you do!
Scan 10
 TFS: What are the ways you find most useful for promoting your books? 
KK: What I have found for book promotion – do as many community sale events as possible, get newspaper coverage especially when in different states, get a website, enter art/literary shows for awards – paper category, peddle your books at different book/gift shops to sell, contact Friends of the Library to purchase your books, do book readings, visit schools, donate books to school libraries, hand out business cards/contact  famous people through fan mail addresses for exposure.  Who knows you might get a movie deal with your book!  Don’t sign any contract without a good lawyer.
TFS: Is there anything you would like to share with my readers?

KK: I would like you to include – the public at book signings/sales have said my book needs to be made into a movie.  They think it will be as popular as Misty of Chincoteague because there has not been a book written about the Banker Colonial Spanish Mustangs of the Outer Banks like this.  I’m hoping to get a Hallmark or Disney movie and would like Leonardo DiCaprio, Kevin Costner, Ted Turner (Jane Fonda’ s ex to purchase land for free roam horse sanctuary)to be involved with the movie/saving these horses from extinction.  Also I would like to have Bruce Hornsby, Songwriter/Musician to do the movie theme song!  When you think big life becomes fuller!




unnamed (1)

Dinky’s Quest: The Journey Begins

Author: Marta Morgan Bishop

Marta’s website:

Dinky’s website:

To buy “Dinky’s Quest: The Journey Begins” go HERE.

Here is a bit about Dinky that Marta kindly provided for this interview:

Dinky’s Quest: The Journey Begins is part one of a series of illustrated books that I started for young children. Dinky, has taught me so much and I felt that it would be good to share some of these things with others, especially children.

Because of Dinky’s background as a nurse mare foal, he had to learn so many things that a parent would have taught.He had to learn responsibility for his actions, how to be a horse, what was acceptable behavior and what was not and he had to learn the proper way to gain respect.

He had to learn responsibility for his actions, how to be a horse, what was acceptable behavior and what was not and he had to learn the proper way to gain respect and how his actions could hurt others.

I hope to bring joy to the little ones with these books and to allow Dinky to teach some of the lessons he taught me on a broader scale.

These are lessons that many in today’s society don’t get a chance to learn. Dinky’s Quest, is the beginning of his learning these things with the help of his horse friends. It will shortly be available in a 6 x 9 book at a lower price than the current 8 x 8 book, but is available in kindle and audio.

To buy “Dinky’s Quest: The Journey Begins” go HERE

unnamed (3)

TFS: Did you illustrate your book?
MMB: Yes, In Dinky’s Quest: The Journey Begins, I used a mixture of illustrations and actual pictures of Dinky and Lucky.
TFS: When did you start writing? Did you always want a career as an author?
MMB: I have been writing as far back as I can remember, though hadn’t considered it as a career until a bit later in life.


TFS: Have you written any other books about horses besides Dinky’s Quest?
MMB: Yes, I have written a full size book for ages 8 to 80 called Dinky: The Nurse Mare’s Foal, which you can see and purchase here.
TFS: Any advice for other writers?
MMB: Read, read, read, and never stop reading and writing. If it is your dream to write, never give up, continue to write even if you feel disappointed. But it is important to read too it sparks both the imagination and your vocabulary.

unnamed (2)

TFS: How do you come up with your ideas for your books?
MMB: I usually am inspired by daily events, the way people or animals react to both each other and to events around them. I do like happy endings or at least something that will give a spark of hope.


TFS: Any works in progress?
MMB: Currently, I’m working on the 2nd in the Dinky’s Quest series as well as a book that is geared to the nurse mare and how it feels to have her babies taken. The working title for that is A Nurse Mare’s Story.

unnamed (4)

TFS: Is there anything else you would like to share with my readers?
MMB: It is my belief that animals and horses can teach us so much. Patience, love, hope, joy, how to overcome obstacles  as well as responsibility. There is so much that we take for granted in life and animals help us to slow down and find the joy in the moment.

Thank you for your time, Marta!

Dinky’s website:
Marta’s website:

Thank you both for taking the time for my interview and letting me share your books with my readers!

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