The Royal Equine Portraits Of Lindsay Hill

To put it simply, I love Lindsay’s style! From the soft mix of paint and pastel, which makes it seem like you could reach out and stoke the horse’s coat, to the sharply defined features, her paintings give a new, yet classic feel to the animals she paints. With just a look at her paintings, I feel like I already know the horse or dog she has painted. Like one of her collectors said, Lindsay truly captures her subject’s magic.

Lindsay Hill

Website, Facebook, Twitter

Location: Cheshire, England

Written by Lindsay Hill

I’ve been painting horses and dogs full time since 1991. Before that I was part time and also travelling Australia, where I did some portraits there too!


I dropped out of art college after 3 months. It didn’t suit me at all. I saved up by waitressing and painting. I started by painting horses for friends then at my local riding club. When I returned after travelling I went to a newly opened Southview Equestrian Centre. I got lots of work there from top international riders and I was delighted. From that day I was full time.
I have been very lucky. I have met some amazing people and horses and traveled a lot with my job.


I did paint for Jennie Loriston Clarke in the early days and John Whitaker to paint 6 horses– including Milton and Ryan’s Son. I’ve also painted for Michael Whitaker, Geoff Billington, Pippa Funnell and several others. In 1991 I was commissioned by Her Majesty The Queen Mother to paint racehorse “The Arganout” and in 1996 I was commissioned by HM The Queen to paint 7 Corgis. I went to Windsor Castle to take the photos with the Queen then dropped them off at Buckingham Palace when I met her again.


I have done shows in the USA, Norway, Ireland and I have sent work all over the world.

I have had some amazing letters and emails from customers. I love the fact my hobbies are my living. I am still involved in horses ( mine died in 1999) and I can paint combining the two things I love!!


Here is a letter I got last year:

I Just want to let you know how special your artwork is and how much it can touch lives. I was lucky enough to meet you at Gleneagles in 2002 and you were able to do this outstanding portrait of our Grand Prix horse Tannaghill. It was a Christmas present for Roger, who at the time was my boyfriend and is now my husband.The picture you drew has taken pride of place in every home we have lived in.
Two weeks ago we had to say goodbye to Tannaghill. He was the reason Roger and I met, we owe everything to him and miss him everyday. But we are so lucky to still have this painting of him! I still get to see him everyday because your talent captured his magic-for that I will never be able to thank you enough. I just want to let you know that your effort and talent really does make the biggest difference, it makes the heartache a little easier. Thank you for what you do!

How cool is that!! My favourite letter!!


TFS: Would you tell us what it’s like to have painted for such famous riders and Her Majesty The Queen?
LH: It was amazing doing the portraits for the Queen, a huge honour. I don’t think at 26 I really appreciated how fantastic it was! It certainly was an exciting time!
Second to meeting the Queen has to be meeting Milton! I photographed him as a surprise for John from his wife Claire. She has 6 of his best horses painted for his birthday. Milton knew he was special. I watched him as a girl on TV in total awe, so painting and meeting him was fantastic.
TFS: Are there any people that you admire and that inspire your with your art?
LH: My Grandfather was the first person who inspired me to paint. He always encouraged me but sadly never got to see how successful I became by making my hobby  my job.
TFS: Any wise words for other artists?
LH: Wise words…..keep practicing. My ‘early work’ is much less detailed than present.
TFS: Is their another medium you would like to try?
LH: As a self taught artist and college drop out I can’t use anything else really . I have done a couple in acrylic but they aren’t as lifelike. I think my mix of paint and pastel makes the portraits better.
TFS: Any upcoming shows/exhibits?
LH: I have exhibited at a few shows this summer and still have Scope Showjumping Championships to come in Stafford and depending on my order book may do Southview Home Pony and perhaps Aintree Amateur showjumping. I hope to go back to Norway next February too.
TFS: What do you find works best for promoting your art?
LH: Social media is a great tool but nothing works better than people seeing your actual work. I’ve been around a while so hopefully got a good reputation ! ; )
TFS: Any works in progress?
LH: Always have one on the go but never more. Work on one and finish it before starting another.
Orders are coming in as people think Christmas and of course showjumping ponies are sold as the riders grow out of them. Some of the good ponies I can and have painted a few times for different owners!  Portraits are a lovely classical reminder of a special horse, pony or dog. More personal than a photo. I guess that’s why I’ve been painting portraits for people for over 25 years!
And can I just say …I LOVE MY JOB!!! Look at my Facebook page at all my lovely comments. Not many jobs you get that kind of satisfaction!
Thank you, Lindsay, for sharing your love of horses and art with us! I am looking forward to seeing more of your art adventures in the future!

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