12 Days Of Equine Artists: Extended! Day 14

For the 14th Day Of Christmas, our featured artist is- Steven Lang From the United States! I’ve decided to extend the 12 Days Of Equine Artists, an equine art take on the 12 Days Of Christmas for a few days longer. I have so many favorite artists, 12 Days is just not long enough!


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Steven Lang is one of the most prolific and premier western artists of current time, and his epic and historically accurate portrayal of the early western way of life is timeless. Working in oils, his jaw-dropping skill almost makes you think that you traveled to another time where the west was still an unknown place, cowboys herded cattle and  Indians still had the land that was rightfully theirs. Being of Pawnee and Cherokee decent, the Old West will always be a place of personal inspiration for Steven and artistic insight to a time gone by for the lucky viewers of his paintings.Trail-of-Unshod-Ponies.jpg


“ In November of 1972, when I was 12 years old, I fell in love with a book. The book was entitled The Frederic Remington Book by Harold McCracken. Being around Christmas I hoped and prayed that the book would be there under the tree. Because my family was humble financially my hope was bleak. Lo and behold, my parents blessed me that Christmas Day and the book has since become one of my prized possessions. Frederic Remington remains to this day one of the most influential western artists in my career.”-Steven Lang

Read Steven Lang’s previous article on The Flying Shetlands here!







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