Lianne Elliot’s Drawings Bring Her Subjects To Life

Lianne Elliot’s epic portrayal of her favorite animals shines through every pencil stroke. Yes, these wonderful portraits are not photographs, but incredibly detailed drawings by this 34 year old artist. Living in rugged and mountainous country of Wales in the United Kingdom.  Lianne picked up portrait drawing again in November 2016 since her time in school in 2000, and change in her work is astounding! Lianne won a one year membership to Adeline Halvorson’s,  by winning the banner contst in the Facebook group Art Of The Horse. Art Studio Blog is full of  lessons, tutorials, tried and true tips and techniques by Adeline Halvorson, a master artist living in Canada. 



Lianne Elliot

Location: Wales, UK

Website, Facebook, Instagram 

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A horse lover all her life, Lianne started riding when she was five years old, before getting her own pony when she was nine. when she wasn’t riding, she was most certainly drawing or daydreaming about horses!

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However, she did not go to art collage as she had planned, resulting in her working  different jobs for several years. Currently, she owns two horses, 5 dogs and 3 cats. At the end of the year in 2016, Lianne happened to see an advertisement for an artist to draw a portrait of someone’s horse.

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If I’m honest I hadn’t really heard much about pet portrait artists before and I was shocked by the response!” Lianne said. “So I messaged the girl and said I used to draw if you want I can do it for you for free, so I did and she loved it so much she insisted on paying me £10!” And from there, Lianne decided she would share her creative talent with the world, one drawing at a time.

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“I initially started working in graphite pencils only and in January 2017 I started learning to draw with colour pencils. I am a self taught artist, having only the skills I learnt in school, the same as everyone else. I’m so thrilled to have been chosen as one of the winners in the “Art Of The Horse” group on Facebook and winning one year’s subscription for Adeline Halverson’s art studio blog where I’m sure I will find so much to learn.”

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