Painting America’s Wild Horses: Sandra Olson

Sandra Olson’s paintings give off an ethereal glow, as does her painting to the side titled “River Prince”, based on a Salt River stallion and one of his mares on a photograph taken by Gary Odell. The golden sheen and painstakingly  intricate details set this piece off, from the refection in the river to the muscling of the horse and tiny nuances in the shadows, you could sit and study this marvelous painting for hours. Sandra’s innate skill for painting shows the beautiful and powerful being of a wild horse. Sandra said, “To me they are a national treasure and it’s a dream come true to paint them.”


Sandra Olson

Location: Massachusetts, USA

Social Media: Facebook, Instagram


Although Sandra Olson always calls New England home, she has traveled the world through her career in the High Technology industry, giving her a chance to see exotic animals in real life that later influenced her in her art work. Born into a family of artists, animals of all shapes and sizes hold a special place in her heart, with equines scoring quite high on the list! Her parents encoring her to draw, and some of her earliest memories is of her father teaching how to draw a pony. “Not long after,” Sandra said, “it was every Paint by Number kit of a horse that he and my mother could find!”



“Animals have been a passion for as long as I can remember. If there was a stray or injured critter, I brought it home. My mother, bless her heart, always said yes.”-Sandra Olson

Now, with the help of social media, Sandra is promoting her painting series that commemorate America’s wild horses and burros, with the help of skilled photographers who provide her with reference photos of this magnificent animals.


Sandra is also one of three winners of Art Of The Horse’s banner contest for February, winning an exciting prize of a one year membership to Adeline Halvorson’s Full of in depth art lessons, tutorials, tried-and-true tips and tricks for many mediums, this is the ultimate membership for any artist who wants to improve their craft.


You can see her work in-person and collect Sandra’s painting directory from the artist, or at the  Art and Frame Emporium in Westborough, MA where her work is being displayed.



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