Joni Beinborn’s Intense Paintings Shed A Light Into The Western World

Joni Beinborn’s prowess as an artist is evident in her portraits that could whisk you away into the dusty landscape of a working cow horse, or into the prestigious ring where a prized show horse is making it’s winning move. Paintings like these are worth a million words; each one is as unique as the animal it represents, and the artist that created it.


Joni Beinborn

Location: Wisconsin 



Joni Beinborn has always been passionate about horses and art, and committed to being a full time artist just six years, after retiring from the United States Postal Service. She is known as an artist under “Joni’s Ponies”, a catchy name that started out as a joke, and is now what her followers and fans know her by. When asked about the name came about, Joni said that it started with a gallery owner.



” It head been a few weeks since we had talked and when I told her this is Joni Beinborn calling she said, ‘Oh, you mean Joni’s Ponies!’ It works!!”


days end mom art-9835_resized


Living in Wisconsin, which is filled with inspiration for a western artist, Joni is surrounded by family, including her two horses and two dogs.

“If I’m not painting a horse I’m riding one. Horses are a big part of my life. They always will be. ”


Joni was also the featured Banner Winner in my group, Art Of The Horse, the largest equine art collective!



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