Introducing “Art Of The Horse Saves A Horse” Rescue Horse Art Project

After being the creator and Admin of the Facebook Group “Art Of The Horse” for a little over two years and growing it to over 33,000 members, I realized that it was time to step up and use this platform not only to help equine artists, but to create a change in the way rescue horses are seen and helped. This is how the idea of Art Of The Horse Saves A Horse came about-uniting horse lovers and artists together to help horses in need through art.

Introducing (1)

After a successful two weeks in Tryon for the World Equestrian Games as the featured artist exhibiting my art in the VIP Summit Club, I took some time off of this blog to focus on my own art and plan several new huge and exciting projects out for next year. Now, I’m happy to say that I am starting back up and will be writing at least one article a week-featuring the best equine art in the world, of course. I have also re-branded my blog, now called Art Of The Horse, with a website update and new Facebook page-so if you love seeing equine art, please like my new page so you don’t miss anything!

Art Of The Horse Saves A Horse TANGO


With that in mind, I would like to introduce a new Art Of The Horse Project, called Art Of The Horse Saves A Horse has just a started this month for the first time, bringing artists and horse enthusiasts closer then ever by helping horses in dire need across the world.


Sheri Gordon‎.jpg
Sheri Gordon‎-she is creating an interesting version of Sundance and I am looking forward to seeing when it is completed!


Each month an equine charity will be selected to provide the group with five photos of their adoptable horses for the artists in my group to feature in their own artistic expression, while showing the versatility in their styles by drawing/painting/etc. the same horses. 


Sound like something you would like to be a part of? Join our group of equine art enthusiasts here


 This will show the beauty of rescue horses in artistic mediums and will give these horses a chance to find a loving home. Each work of art will be for sale, and 50% of each work that sells will be given to the equine charity of the month. Starting for the first time, this month’s feature charity is Mylestone Equine Rescue. Below you can find some of the finished art work, as well as art that is currently in progress of Tango, Cloudy, Sundance, Piper and Marley! I will posting updates as new art is finished-there are many more wonderful pieces that are currently in progress!

Meet The Horses



A 20+ year old gelding about 14.3 hands. He is not ridable due to a pinched nerve in his neck. He was badly abused at some point in his life and picks the people he trusts. Needs an experienced horse person to work around him who is patient and kind. Cloudy is a good companion who likes to play and is very smart with an inquisitive nature.

Untitled design.png


Marley is a 20 year old who was also part of a large scale cruelty case we took in a few months ago. He needed to gain 75 more pounds. Marley loves his food and can’t get to the bucket fast enough. He is feed mash 5 times a day to help him with gaining weight. He is not able to eat hay as well so he really needs all the mashes to maintain his weight. He and Tango are best buddies and enjoy being out together grazing in the pasture. Marley may be lightly ridable but we don’t know for sure at this time. We want to get him back in good condition before seeing if he is ridable.




Piper is in her late teens about 14.1 hands. She was a horrible starvation case we took in 2011. She is not ridable, only a companion horse. She enjoys attention but can be quirky, so she needs an experienced horse person to work with her. She is not great for the farrier and is sedated to have her hooves trimmed. Piper is overall an easy keeper and currently lives out with another mare.




Sundance is in his late teens, about 15.3 hands. He was badly abused when he came and not always easy to handle. He has come a long way and thrives on routine. He does better with women than men. He is a wonderful companion and makes friends easily. He does crib. He needs to be sedated to have his hooves trimmed. In the past he was abused by a farrier so he gets very nervous. He is a beautiful horse with a sweet personality.

Untitled design.jpg
Sara Minerva‎
WIP of Tango


Tango- is about 22 years old gelding. He was part of a large scale cruelty case Mylestone took in a few months ago. He needed to gain 150lbs+. He was in desperate need of farrier care and had long cracked hooves. He has really come around and is fed 5 meals a day of a mash to help gain weight back along with hay and pasture. It is wonderful to see him and his buddy Marley gallop out in the pasture together. They coming running at feeding time!

Sara Minerva
Sara Minerva‎
WIP of Tango
30 x 40 cm pastels on pastelmat


This is open to everyone, everywhere in the world. Artists from across the world are coming together with horse lovers to share their passion and make a difference in the lives of horses worldwide. Will you help us save them?

For more detailed information, please go here. If you would like to purchase a painting or drawing, please email me at:

Cadienne Lorenz-Sundance.jpg
“Sundance” Work In Progress by Cadienne Lorenz





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