Celebrating 5 Years Of Art Of The Horse & The 5 Most Popular Articles

Five years ago, I started a small, one page blog called The Flying Shetlands, the first ever equine art blog. Little did I know how far this would evolve and how much joy it would bring to to so many people. The past five years have been been a lot of hard work and full of eye opening and learning experiences, and I am so happy that I have gotten to know so many fabulous artists! Over the course of the next few months I will finally be able to share a few of the new plans and upgrades coming to Art Of The Horse that I have envisioned since the beginning of this blog – truly bringing equine art around the world in a ways that have not been accomplished before!


. Largest equine art FB group in the world with over 34k active members

.Visited by people in every country/providence in the world

. Over 250 pairs of artists in our Mentiorship Program 

. First online equine art platform in the world

. Currently up to 400,000 yearly views

. 400 article archive 

A few of the smaller goals I will be working on are growing Art Of The Horse’s other Social Media outlets, including it’s Facebook page, Instagram and Pinterest (linked below) – be sure to follow each of these as different content is posted on each!

.     .     .

To celebrate, I have posted the top five articles viewed over the course of the last five years. Which one is your favorite?



 . Christian Hook

. Article published in 2016 

. Hits: 57, 216




. Jenai Davis

. Article Published 2017

. Hits: 23,078



. Mister Ed

. Article Published In 2016

. Hits: 32,189



. Morgan Cameron

. Article Published In 2017

. Hits: 47,935


. Catharina Driessen

. Article Published In 2016

. Hits: 21, 930

When putting this all together and seeing all the numbers…wow! This would not be possible without each and everyone of you from every country in the world equine art enthusiasts and artists that have supported this journey. Onward and upwards to greater things!


Want to see more?

Be sure to follow Art Of The Horse to always see the latest in the equine art world – different posts and artists are shared on Facebook and Instagram (and soon back on Pinterest), be sure to follow each of these as different content is posted on each!




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