Shadow & Light With Skyzune Art

If you are a member of Art Of The Horse or Art Of The Animals or active on Instagram, Facebook or Pinterest, chances are you may have seen a painting or two created by  Skyzune Art. Her paintings hold a quality of realism that only a few artists are able to achieve, drawing out a high contrast of light and shadows, and adding a brilliance  of color, bringing her subjects to life. 

unnamed (3)

“Before I was an artist, I worked in a communication agency and following an economic redundancy, I found myself unemployed so I decided to change my life and start my own business, and following what I have always wanted to do.”

unnamed (24)

Living close to Paris, France and surrounded by beauty and rich history, Skyzune took a leap of faith and decided to create her own reality by start her own art business, crafting fine art portraits of horses, cats, dogs, and the occasional rabbits or ferrets. She enjoys painting all animals, although horses and felines hold a special place in her heart.

unnamed (23)

Her chosen mediums are dry pastels, acrylic and oil paints, adding a touch of luxury to her art and crafting her own style by incorporating a graphic effect of real gold leaf and silver leaf. Creating not only commissions but also many originals for exhibits, Skyzune is also branching out into other forms of selling her art and creating one of a kind gifts that are also more affordable.

unnamed (22)

“I also have a shop on Redbubble that lets me sell prints, which allows people who can not afford an original painting to have a printed copy close enough to the original painting (but without metallized effects), at a low price. There are also reproductions of my art on different objects, such as mugs, laptop sleeves, iphone covers and cases, tote bags, stickers and many more to help you surround yourself in equine art in all aspects of your life.”

unnamed (21)

Shipping paintings and products around the world, Skyzune also exhibits her artwork several times a year, in prestigious locations like the Champs Elysée, and the Grand Palais de Paris.

unnamed (20)

“I spend a lot of time choosing the pictures that will serve as a basis for a painting. I’m looking for photos where the horse has a dynamic attitude and a graphic position and I don’t just make a picture identical; I like to improve the colors, lights and atmosphere.” 

unnamed (19)

An active artist on social media, Skyzune shares her artwork, work in progress images and behind the scenes on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and Youtube, where she shares time lapse videos. 

unnamed (17)

Skyzune also uses her art to help other animals in need, donating proceeds from her art each year to help desperate animals in dire situations around Christmastime. “It’s very important to me,” she says.

unnamed (15)

Thank you for letting me interview you and write about your fantastic paintings, Skyzune! If you would like to follow her or commission a painting, check out the links below:

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REDBUBBLE (mugs, etc):

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