Anastasiia Franchuk: Art Dreamer

“When I’m galloping on a horse, it feels like heaven and earth  have become one, and I could hear and feel the wind of the spirit. I feel set free. I feel unlimited. I feel capable of doing so much, even beyond my own imagination. I also love being a painter. I love the work I do. Art for me is a story-telling and the way to see the invisible and envision the impossible.


Horses in my art are dreamers & warriors. They are symbols of victory and triumph. Armed with a paintbrush in my hand I’m conquering the world & fight my battles. A deep connection with them remains in my art.

Of course, besides horses, I also depict other animals, including those that are personally significant to me and form part of my personal symbolism. However, it is horses that are a constant source of my inspiration, they are tremendous part of my life and my story. Especially wild horses, which since childhood have captivated my heart with their beauty, freedom and untamed inner spirit. I love to ride! During a gallop, you become one with your four-legged friend at the deep emotional level. As a result, a feeling is born that allows you to feel yourself infinitely free. It’s hard for me to call myself a professional in equestrian sports, but this is definitely one of my favorite pastimes … after painting”. — Anastasiia Franchuk.


Born in 1995 and raised in Ukraine, Anastasiia Franchuk has traveled around the world, learning from the best painters and pursuing excellence in her paintings. Describing her work as as abstract realism, Anastasiia’s one of a kind paintings   bring together vibrant colors, a modern layout, and a classical subject together is an effortlessly beautiful and thought provoking image. I am excited that I had the opportunity to interview this up an coming artist and get to know her a bit better share her equine art with the Art Of The Horse community!


AOTH: How would you describe your art? 

AF: An abstract realism. My vividly colorful paintings involve real life inspirations, mostly horses and other animals that carry personal meaning. I incorporate abstract background and multiple mediums to achieve dreaminess in my art. 

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AOTH: Who inspires you and why? 

AF: I really love Van Gogh and Mark Chagall. They are word-changers and forerunners for me, who turned the art world upside down. I apprenticed under world renowned artists John and Elli Milan at Milan Art Institute in Arizona, where I found my voice and my unique style. Their whole family is a huge inspiration to me. 


Also, I get inspiration from the people I meet, places I travel, whenever I hear music or see color. 

AOTH: If you weren’t artist, you would be…? 

AF: Musician or writer, it’s all goes back to creativity and the unique way to express the world within and without. Art in any form for me is such a unique tool which makes a difference in this world. It doesn’t have language or cultural barriers and it’s speaks directly to the human’s heart.


AOTH: How do you market your art? 

AF: Mostly Instagram & other social media resources. I never would be able to bring my art & my story out there without these tools. Now is the best time for artists to be alive! Of course sometimes I participate in gallery shows and expos but through the Instagram I got my art and my authentic story to be exposed to the whole world. And now my art could be found in private collections in United States, Australia, Israel and Europe. 



AOTH: Your greatest achievement? 

AF: Saying “yes” to my calling and my destiny, be brave to follow my dream and become an artist. Then finding my authentic voice to stay true to myself in everything I paint. Every single success in my art career comes from this place. 


AOTH: Your biggest challenge? 

AF: Stay loyal to my dreams and do not get distracted along the way. Life of an artist is path of overcoming resistance daily, walk bravely through blazing fire to come forth as gold. 


AOTH: What mediums do you work in and is there any you would like to try? 

AF: I mostly work in mixed media using multiple mediums such as oil, acrylics, caran d’Ache, and Krink pens, along with many mixed techniques to achieve finished pieces. When I paint I’m not afraid of color, contrast or trying new things. 

DSC_6482 (1).jpg

AOTH: Where do you live now? 

AF: Currently my art studio based in Uzhhorod, on the West side of the Ukraine. I love living here because its super international. Its quite close to Budapest and other European capitals like Prague, Bratislava and others. 


AOTH: Where do you see yourself in five years? 

AF: Traveling the world and changing it one painting at a time. As an artist I want to inspire others to believe in their dreams and pursue their destiny. I also want to have my own horse and an art school.

Currently I don’t have my own horse but I believe it will happen really soon. I’m taking horseback riding lessons consistently and going to the horse trails locally all the time.


Thank you for sharing your story and art with us, Anastasiia! I’m looking forward to following your artistic and horsey journey.

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