Kamila Karst~Poland

Instead of a horse of many colors, here is an artist of many mediums!:) Kamila Karst lives in Poland and works in sculpture, pantings, silks, graphics and more! Kamila Karst ~ Location: Poland Site: http://www.kamakarst.pl Medium(s): Sculptures, Paintings, Graphics, Logos, Silks, Realism   Kamila Karst was born in Świdnica, Poland she studied at Wrocław Academy of Art and Design….

Charles M. Russell~

  Charles M. Russell 1864- 1926 Great Falls, Montana  Charles “Kid” Russel, as his friends would call him, is a renowned  western artist that lived 1864- 1926. He was the first “Western artist” to actually live and work in the west. Just a few days ago on July 27th, the   Coeur d’Alene Art Auction  auctioned…

Horseshoe Art ~

Since this week was National Farrier’s Week, I decided to highlight some really  cool horseshoe art and their artists! William Wilson Lives in: England William Wilson is an self-taut sculptor that produces Life size animals, both wild and domesticated. He works in steel, bronze, clay and horseshoes. His inspiration comes from the wild landscape and all animals….