~Dubai International Horse Fair~ Dubai, United Arab Emirates~


     Prash Sankhé


Here are a few of the equine artists that are exhibiting at the Dubai International Horse Fair! The exhibit started yesterday, and will continue though tomorrow,19th-21st, March, 2015. For more information on the DIHF visit their site Here. Some of the events that are going on are a horse auction, polo exhibit, The Equestrian Art Gallery,  Dubai International Arabian Horse Championship ( a competition for Purebred Arabian horses), equestrian  performances and more! Looks like it is lots to see and do there!


                                                                               Prash Sankhé~ Featured Artist

Prash Sankhé comes from a family of artists. A talented artist himself, he has pursued the study of Fine Arts and holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA).

He has painted in a variety of mediums and settings, but now focus’s manly on painting horses.

In the Arab world the horse has been at the cornerstone of life and culture and symbolizes power, grace, beauty, nobility, strength, freedom and vitality. The black and white theme dominates the artist work. While black embodies the mystery and the secretiveness of the night, white signifies the light and vitality of the day. A subtle but definitive approach towards the clash of negative and positive spaces in a painted canvas is attempted.


     Prash Sankhé



                      Nurlan Bazhirov~ Kazakhstan

Nurlan Bazhirovwas was born 22nd February 1964 in Karaganda City, Kazakhstan. In 1984 he  graduated at Almaty Art College. Since 1987 Nurlan has participated in various art exhibitions. Currently, he lives and works in Almaty City, Kazakhstan.

Nurlan Bazhirov is a well known animal artist with some very dramatic and detailed scenes of horses. His work shows a particular vision of history, and the comprehension of tradition and authentic reality of life. The horse has become the fundamental topic of his work.



Remy Bertoche~

Expert in oil paintings and murals, Remy Bertoche has created exceptional paintings and has had several exhibitions in Luxury Resorts and Galleries around the world. With 100 dates booked per year for live painting show and art exhibition in public or private view, Remy Bertoche is currently one of the most requested artists in the world.



Ali Al Mimar~ 

Ali Al Mimar is considered one of the famous artists in the world painting Arabian Horses. This recognition is confirmed by many international specialists and judging Committees in the field of painting and Arab horses. His works showing the originality magic in the Arabian horse, are mixed by realistic and imagination.



Carolyn Morton~

A UAE based British Sculptor making Bronze Sculpture for trophies, private commissions and corporate gifts. Renowned for her attention to detail and accurate likenesses, Carolyn’s work is collected world-wide. A Portrait sculpture of Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nayhan riding his famous Stallion, Vain Hussar is available at the show as well as Bronzes of Horses, Falcons and other animals. Carolyn supplied the trophies for the DIAHC 2012, which she designed specially for this years competition. Individual portraits of horses and people and bespoke design work are her specialty.



Daria Borgarello~

Passionate about horses, Daria Borgarello depicts horses in motion in stunning gold and diamonds as necklaces, earrings pendants, cuff links. All of them produced in limited edition and will be displayed at the DIHF art show.


Hope you all enjoyed seeing horse art from Dubai! P.S. Happy First Day of SPRING!!


Huh? What? Well, I will believe that when I see flying Shetlands !



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