Stamps Immortalize Famous Steeplechase Racehorses Including Frankel, Shergar & Red Rum


This past April, eight stamps featuring eight of the world’s most famous steeplechase racehorses debuted days before this year’s Grand National, which was won by One For Arthur at the acclaimed Aintree Racerack. This is the year that also marks the 40th anniversary since Red Rum’s history-making win at the track.

EMB-Royal-Mail-new-stamps (4)

Immortalizing eight racehorses who have won the Grand National over the last 60 years are the horses depicted on the stamps by equestrian and racehorse enthusiast artist, Michael Heslop. The horses featured are Frankel, Shergar, Kauto Star, Desert Orchid, Arkle, Brigadier Gerard and Estimate as well as Red Rum.

EMB-Royal-Mail-new-stamps (8)

“The reason I wanted to paint racehorses is, for an artist they have everything – you paint form, you can paint movement. In that one image you’ve got horseflesh and you’ve got the silks of the jockey. Everything in that one image, that is really worth painting.” The artist staid in a statement about the stamps.

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Royal Mail’s stamp strategy manager Philip Parker said: “Horseracing is a British passion, and we pay tribute to eight legendary horses that have proven their greatness on UK racecourses and won the affection of the public.”

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